Thorn apple health benefits (Datura stramonium - Solanaceae Fam.)

Thorn apple health benefits (Datura stramonium - Solanaceae Fam.) Popular names: jimson weed, angel's trumpet, devil's weed, thorn apple, tolguacha, Jamestown weed, stinkweed, datura, moonflower, malpitte and mad seeds, etc.

Traditionally: the raw leaves, but especially smitten in fire, were placed on wounds and cuts, to extract the puss.

The water on the leaves was used against ocular pain.

Wounds were washed with the decoct of the leaves; they were also used to foment.

They were boiled and placed in cataplasms for a sore throat.

It was also used against feet ache and rheumatics. The seeds were placed in yeast brandy, they rubbed ill people when then, and then they let it warm in the sun or by the fire.

In other areas, baths were taken again for rheumatics.

In dosages chosen with care, it was used internally. Ground seeds or root or leaves ground with water were placed in brandy.

For bloody diarrhea, they used to take a thorn-apple-head, which has more cracks with black seeds, they took the seed from a crack, burned it, ground it until it was powdered, divide the powder in 9 and toss 8 parts away and then divide the remaining one in 3, administering it in 3 mornings with brandy. Mixed with alcohol, it was also used against hernia. The aerial parts were used for baths for ascites cases. It was also used for fighting against arthritis and bronchi asthma.

The tea from thorn apple, combined with birch and blueberry leaves it was used for diabetes, being administered 3 times a day, before eating.

Chemical composition of thorn apple

It contains the following alkaloids: leucine, aspartic, cisteic, glutamic acids, (enzymes, organic acids - oxalic, malic, citric, fumaric, succinic, aconitic, lactic), ethereal oil, mineral salts, etc.

Properties: the leaves and seeds are anti-asthmatic, anti-malarial, anti-inflammatory, anti-spasmodic especially in gastric conditions.

Due to its small amounts of scopolamine, it also has a calming effect on the central nervous system.

Also note the extraordinary results obtained for Parkinson.

Preparation and administration:

- powdered leaves: to be consumed only after being pharmaceutically weighed; 0.5 g every 4 hours.
- Decoct of 0.5 g dried and ground leaves, boiled for 10 minutes in 250 ml water. Filter. This quantity should be consumed in 24 hours.
- Cigarettes from leaves: combined with tobacco leaves (in a cigarette don't place more than 0.5 leaves of thorn apple - anti-asthmatic cigarettes can be found in pharmacies).

Toxicity: all the parts of the plant are lethal for humans. The signs of intoxication appear in the following: hallucinations, vomit, eyesight disorders, faster pulse, faster breathing, high fever, followed by paralysis and death.

It can be used only under medical supervision and the dosage must be respected.

It can be used for the following medical conditions: gastro-intestinal problems, asthma, swellings, sore throat, ocular aches, feet aches, nervousness, intestinal parasites, (enema), wounds, rheumatics, cuts.

Contraindications: do not overdose because it can cause stomach disorders and even intoxication. In case of intoxication administer medicinal coal, as powder to be swollen. If there is no coal available, drink as much warm milk as possible.