Natural Remedies for Viruses

Natural Remedies for Viruses

Viruses are extremely small organisms which are unable to live by themselves and need a host-cell to be hosted and develop within it. After providing "shelter" to a virus, a cell ceases its normal functioning and starts producing viral particles.

When attacking the healthy cells, viruses have preferences according to their structure. For instance, cold and flu viruses are looking for the receptors of the cells from the airwaves and lungs, whereas the HIV ones are aiming the T-cells of the immunity system.

There are several types of viruses: some cause regular colds, while others lead to chronic diseases, difficult to treat or just impossible to be cured.

Natural Remedies good for Viruses

It is of utmost importance to become aware of the fact that a strong immunity may face severe health issues. You should begin by taking care of your body and mind.

Drink liquids! Water is good, tea is also benefic in keeping your body hydrated and so, in a normal way of functioning.

Improve your daily diet, by adding vegetables and fruits. In this way, you will get the necessary sugar intake from the fruits you eat.

Avoid or reduce the amount of caffeine, cigarette and alcohol you normally consume and also, try to keep yourself away from sweets.

Practice sports and do outdoor activities that you enjoy!

And, of course, learn how to cope with self-inflicted or external stress, because this is one of the leading factors weakening the human body, thus, making it more vulnerable to virus development.

Echinacea is a natural remedy for viruses, due to its ability to enhance the immunity system. It can be found as capsules or tincture. Take one capsule in the morning and another one after lunch, for 3 weeks in a row. In the following 2 months, take one capsule a day, after having your meal.

From ancient times, ginseng is acknowledged to strengthen the immunity and sustain the normal functioning of the whole body.  As a natural remedy for viruses, ginseng may be taken as capsules supplement, two times a day, for 20-25 days in a row.

Garlic has anti-inflammatory properties and prevents viruses from spreading. The easiest way to consume it is to add it fresh to your salads or sauces.

Chamomile may reduce the effects of stomach viruses. It helps releasing nausea, vomiting, cramps, bloating and gas. As a natural remedy for viruses, people usually prefer this herb brewed, as Chamomile tea .

Natural Remedies for Viruses: side effects

If taken properly, natural remedies for viruses are generally safe. However, if any side effect occurs, please contact your health care provider and ask for medical help.

Natural remedies for viruses come in handy whenever dealing with any immunity related issues. Try to keep a proper hygiene of your hands and do not eat anything, unless you know for sure it is safe to do so.