Mineral water - effects and health benefits

Mineral water - effects and health benefits Learn about the advantages and disadvantages of mineral water consumption. Find out nutritional information and the therapeutic properties of mineral water.

What health benefits does mineral water provide for you?

At first, mineral water was used or consumed directly from its source, in spa centers, treatment centers or springs, often being called "the water cure" or "the healing cure".
Mineral water contains minerals that appear naturally in groundwater, as well as other dissolved substances such as calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium, that change its taste and confer it therapeutic value.
A lot of people like drinking mineral water not only for its taste, but also for its health benefits. First of all, mineral water represents a source of hydration and recovery of minerals lost through sweat, especially in the summer, when we are exposed to the sunlight. A mineral water with a higher content of sodium is beneficial and very helpful for those who suffer from hypotension and for those who do a lot of effort in the summer. In addition to this, a higher concentration of potassium in mineral water is also beneficial for the body, except for those who have kidney problems, for example, kidney stones.
Carbonated mineral water is recommended especially to those who suffer from gastric hyperacidity. Mineral water rich in calcium, magnesium and sulfur should not be consumed regularly, but in course of remineralization, which lasts less than a month.

What therapeutic properties does mineral water have?

Researchers attempted to produce mineral water in a synthetic way, but, unfortunately, they realized that the synthetic mineral water didn't have the same curing benefits as the natural ones. So, they reached the conclusion that mineral waters aren't just the arithmetic average of their chemical components, but also an ensemble of mineral salts.
Their therapeutic effects are fully manifested only in natural hydrologic conditions of the environment, as it has been proved that bottled water has a reduced amount of therapeutic properties by comparison to the water consumed directly from the source.
In combination with sun and mud, mineral water can have benefic effects on human body, being very helpful in curing kidney stones.

What can be bad about mineral water?

Comparative to sodas, mineral water is 99% less harmful for your enamel. On the other hand, it has been discovered a certain effect of irritation caused by the bubbles that makes mineral water be at disadvantage to still mineral water.
The most popular impact of mineral water over human body is the acid reflux, felt especially by those who suffer from heartburn in the upper digestive tract. This situation, plus bloating are classic cases in which the consumption of fizzy water isn't recommended.