How to lose 3 kilograms (6-7 pounds) fast

How to lose 3 kilograms (6-7 pounds) fast

Express Diet - Lose 3 kilos (6-7 pounds) very fast

Lose 3 kilograms in 5 days.

Principle: - The Express diet is ideal if you want to lose quickly the extra kilos gained because of the fat and sweets excess. If you have to lose 3-4 kilograms, the Express formula is the ideal one. It was conceived to help you lose weight quickly but without starving. This diet's principles are simple: three meals a day, no fats or sweets, no alcohol, fat dairy products or snacks. In order to get the results you want, you should respect rigorously the game's rule: only three meals a day with a fix time for breakfast and dinner.


- Herb tea or unsweetened coffee.
- 1 yogurt (125 g) or 150g cow cheese, both containing 20% fat. (written on the pack: "Nonfat product".)
- 1 fruit: an orange or a kiwi, half or a cup of sugar free stewed fruits
- Half cup of sugar free corn or maize flakes


- Entree made up of vegetables salad with lemon and yogurt
- Second course: a slice of lean meat or fish steamed or grilled. As seasoning: fresh vegetables steamed (salt in small quantities).


- Consists of a cup of strained vegetable soup or simple meat consomme, after which you can eat an apple. If you keep the Express diet, it is better to know exactly what aliments can be eaten at any time and which aliments should be banished for good from the daily menu.

The Zero Diet

     I discovered the weight loss formula that I am going to describe to you, by despair. I have gained 14 kilos in a single year and although I tried all known hypo-caloric diets, I didn't manage to lose at least 5 grams. At that moment, I imposed myself 2 days of total fast and- guess what? - it worked!

     So, I didn't eat anything for 2 days per week (not consecutive, for example monday and friday) but I took care to drink daily minimum two liters of water or herbal tea (unsweetened, of course). In the other 5 days I ate normally, without restrictions or excesses. I only gave up sweets, replaced sugar with honey and I reduced (not eliminated) the quantity of pastries and fats and I had dinner earlier, around six o'clock. The mechanism is the following: you lose in the first day of fast one kilogram, in the second only half kilogram and in the next five days of normal alimentation you gain one kilogram. Thus, it result a half kilogram difference. This is the weekly rhythm of the weight loss program which should repeat every time.

     The call the diet zero because it is based on total fast, has some important advantages: the two starving days helps us eliminate toxins and the slow weight loss, beside the fact it has, as we well know, long-lasting effects, it also helps us avoid the ugly esthetic consequences as it gives skin enough time to adapt to the new dimensions. I lost nine kilograms in four months and I am decided to get rid of another five kilograms. If at the beginning of the summer I was fastening the belt at the first hole, now I am proud that I can fasten it at the seventh. I wish the readers with the same problems to be as successful as I was!