Benefits of Iris plant

Benefits of Iris plant    Iris is a garden decorative flower, originating from Europe and Asia.

Description of Iris plant

   Iris is an herbaceous perennial plant, with thick, pulpous rhizome from which emerges a cylindrical stem, ending with many flowers. The leaves are elongated, slightly sharp, sword shaped, grouped 4-6 in a bunch. The flowers are big, of various colors: white, pink, light blue, blue, violet, yellow, maroon, and they have a weak perfume.

   It is not a pretentious plant concerning climate and soil. It develops well in sunny areas, with humid soil in the blooming period. It can resist well during long drought periods and it can also endure the cold.


Properties and benefits of Iris

   Being a preponderantly negative plant, it is not rich in active substances and elements. Iris flowers and leaves contain vitamin C in quantities of 1 to 4%. Therefore the herb is used in the perfume and cosmetics industry.


   Iris can present itself under various forms. Yellow iris is used for treating affections such as dandruff, wounds, being an excellent diuretic and tonic. Iris is also used in affections such as ascites, asthma, bronchitis, rheumatism or cough, being a good capillary tonic. For treating acne, iris flower compresses are used 2-3 times a day for 15 minutes.

   Fragments of rhizomes can be given to babies to chew in order to help with teeth growth and to ease the process.



   Yellow iris decoct is prepared by boiling two teaspoons of rhizome powder in a cup of water. It is kept macerating for a period of two hours. It is boiled again on a weak fire for 10-15 minutes. The composition is filtered and used for local washings.

   Iris wine is obtained like this: add to a liter of white wine one gram of cinnamon, two grams of iris root, eight grams of ginger and 125 grams of sugar are added. It is left for 24 hours then it is filtered. Fifty ml of milk and six freshly pounded almonds are added. It is mixed well and kept for a month. It is consumed one glass per day.


   Iris powder causes irritation of the mucos membrane followed by nausea. During work, the use of a mask is indicated.